Singapore Food Manufacturers' Association
Singapore Food Manufacturers' Association

Sustainability Consulting Service

Complimentary sustainability advisory session for SFMA members on how do company introduce and implement sustainability in a methodical manner.

A glimpse into navigating your entire workforce towards sustainability

Untangle or make sense of the confusing relationship between sustainability, Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG), climate change, and carbon emissions.
It is essential to have a clear and thorough knowledge of these terms and the themes in order to equip and set your company with the right direction, goals, workable tactics, critical skills, and know-how to create and actualize your company’s sustainability policy.

What you will take home from the Advisory session:

  1. Understand what sustainability is and why it is important to your business reputation and revenue growth.
  2. Understand the sustainability standards and requirements to be met for both Singapore and international trade to access new markets and earn a global reputation.
  3. What you need to know about your food manufacturing business sustainability, ESG activities, and the carbon footprint of your company for carbon audits and sustainability reporting purposes.

Register for a Advisory Session

The advisory session is complimentary for SFMA members and $20 per session for non-member.

Strictly by appointment only - Up to 1 hour per session

Please register for a session with Jasmine Low via email to