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SFMA - Shared Resources

SFMA Shared Resources

SFMA have received various feedbacks from members with regard to shortage of labour, lack of logistics delivery fleet, warehouse storage etc. We understand that these problems have been amplified by the current Covid pandemic situation as well. Hence, we have created a closed Facebook Group for SFMA members only to post their needs as well as respond to others if you have services to offer.

Examples of some requests (non-exhaustive):

This is an SFMA members only closed Faceook Group. Main purpose is to provide a platform for members to share resources such as manpower, logistics, warehouse storage etc. Please be mindful that the requests being put up are to be mutually agreed upon and SFMA will not be able to mitigate any disputes. We strive to protect our members' interest by making this a close group and will be monitoring the activities here in this page.

How To Join The SFMA Shared Resources Facebook Group