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Sugar Smart Challenge 2020 by SFMA and HPB

Sugar Smart Challenge 2020

Dear Food Manufacturers,

The first edition of the Sugar Smart Challenge is here!

In view of the nation's 'War on Diabetes' campaign and the recent regulatory measures to reduce sugar intake (e.g. Nutri-Grade Labelling of Sugar Sweetened Beverages) in Singapore, the Sugar Smart Challenge will provide a platform to bring together food manufacturers, ingredient players and start-ups to be put through a full-year innovation process with the main focus of developing sugar-reduced or sugar-substituted products which are ready to hit the shelves.

Sugar Smart Challenge 2020 will take place from June 2020 to July 2021 and will focus on innovation and product commercialisation through a structured innovation process to help food manufacturers develop business capabilities through design thinking, sharing of market and consumer insights, prototyping, marketing, and finally product commercialization through a local retail partner. There will be an official online sharing session on what the programme entails on 19 June 2020.

Sugar Smart Challenge 2020 - Process

The focus of Sugar Smart Challenge 2020 is to bring products to market by the end of the innovation cycle. About 15 teams are expected to be formed. Teams can consist of 1 Food manufacturer and up to 2 partners (Ingredient company/ Startups).

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